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We're back! This is the official Astavista.box.sk - The Underground official Web Site Re-Launch page courtesy of Team Box.sk - The Underground and the Scene - the way we know it - The World's Most Popular and the Scene's oldest running Hacking and Security Portal managed and operated by a new Team Member - Dancho Danchev.

Where did we go? It's been 10 years since we used to rock the boat and managed to provide a diverse and popular set of Hacking and Security content to hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis. Big news - we would like to announce our online presence and official re-lauch by offering free access to our Scene-driven and community-powered Astalavista.box.sk - The Underground - flagship Hacking E-zine called - "Wisdom Kings" where we feature quality high-level hacking and security content for the general public to see. In the first issue of "Wisdom Kings" hacking E-zine we cover the following topics and offer the following articles:

  • 01. Introduction........................................by Phenomix
  • 02. 10 years back in the future.........................by Phenomix
  • 02. Back to basics .....................................by Phenomix
  • 03. The basics of Social engineering....................by Phenomix
  • 04. How to make anarchy for beginners...................by Phenomix
  • 05. How to hack for fun.................................by Phenomix
  • 06. The ultimate guide to getting a girlfriend..........by Phenomix
  • 07. Exploiting the scene for fun and profit.............by Phenomix
  • 08. Hacking your school for fun and profit..............by Phenomix
  • 09. Exposing the "Data Leaks" Paradise..................by Phenomix
  • 10. How not to get "caught".............................by Phenomix
  • 11. CYBERINT and Virtual SIGINT Exposed.................by Phenomix
  • 12. From Cybercrime to Multi-Billion Dollar Industry....by Phenomix
  • 13. The "Dark Web" Exposed and Profiled.................by Phenomix
  • 14. Exposing the Bastards who stole the Scene...........by Phenomix
  • 15. Top 20 Hacking Sites and Hacking Forums.............by Phenomix
  • 16. Greetz and Shouts go out to.........................by Phenomix
  • 17. Conclusion..........................................by Phenomix

We wish you a pleasant and joyful Astalavista.box.sk experience and look forward to working with you pushing the bounderies of Hacking and Security and the Scene the way we know it - together! Our official email - dancho.danchev@hush.com

.: What the Scene says?

.: We're hiring! Work for us for Free!

  • Web Site and Forum Translators - we're currently recruiting Web Site and Forum Translators in any language who might be interested in helping us with the localization of the Web Site and the Forum to their native language potentially allowing local users to better understand the information provided and to better access and interact with the Forum and the Community
  • Virtual Reality Application and Game Developer - we're currently active hiring a VR application developer who might be interested in working with us on Project Cybertronics - Virtual Reality for Hackers and Security Experts. Approach us today!
  • Contributors - do you remember the Scene? We need you today! Do you have an idea for a high-profile Security or Hacking Project? Approach us today and we'll offer Technical and Operational support including general advice!
  • Call for Papers and Call for Innovation - did you check out the latest Call for Papers? Drop us an email at dancho.danchev@hush.com with your document or your actual application and PoC (Proof of Concept) code  and we'll make sure to feature it right away.
  • High-Profile Psytrance and Goa-Trance DJs for the purpose of assisting us with a 24/7 live Online Radio reaching out to thousands of loyal users across the globe
  • Collaborative Hacking and Security E-book Writing Proposal participants who will be collaborating with us on our way to constructively produce a variety of high-profile publicly accessible Security and Hacking E-books

.: Currently running community-oriented projects!

  • Hacking E-Zine
  • Hacking E-Books
  • Hacking Merchandise
  • Official Bug Bountry
  • Security Incubator
  • Talent Management
  • Security Comic
  • Top Hacking Links
  • Graphics Contest
  • Online Radio
  • Security Newsletter
  • Security Podcast
  • Security Conference
  • Security Search Engine

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In a bold new World of Hacking and Computer Security we're proud to announce the existence of the following Hacking and Security communities and research-oriented communities part of the Astalavista.box.sk - The Underground portfolio of Hacking and Security Web sites.

01. WordPress Blog -  This is Box.sk's Official Hacking and Security blog managed and operated by Dancho Danchev

02. Forum Community - This is the primary destination point for Astalavista.box.sk running the World's largest and most popular Hacking and Security Forum Community. Join us today!

03. VR For Hackers and Security Experts - This is our flagship crowd-funded and crowd-sources Community Project where we aim to build a unique VR application for Hackers and Security Experts and actually bring it online with the help of the Community and the Scene.

04. Upcoming High-Profile Live YouTube Broadcast - Do you remember the Scene? Are you part of the Security Industry? Stay tuned for an exclusive Live YouTube Broadcast featuring exclusive guests from the Scene and the Security Industry.

05. Call for Papers and Call for Innovation - Do you actively produce high-quality and never-published before Hacking and Security research? Feel free to go through the Call for Papers and Call for Innovation and approach us in terms of submitting your papers tools and PoC (Proof of Concept) code.

06. Collaborative Hacking and Security E-Book writing project - Do you want to participate in a collaborative Hacking and Security E-book wriring project on a variety of topics and ultuimately contribute with knowledge information and

.: Shouts and Greetz to Security Industry Members

It's been a decade and we've been waiting to say hi. Special thanks and cheers to the following groups and individuals for having supported and participated in various Astalavista.box.sk projects including their general and overall contributions to the Security Industry. Groups and individuals we would like to say hi to include:

  • Gary Scott
  • Gadi Evron
  • Paul Ferguson
  • Alex Eckelberry
  • Mark Rash
  • Jamie Riden
  • Steve Santorelli
  • James McQuaid
  • Jeffrey Bardin
  • Jeffrey Carr
  • Mark Risher
  • Ken Dunham
  • Jart Armit
  • Robert McMillan
  • Rob Lemos
  • Gregg Keizer
  • Gary Warner
  • Jorge Mieres
  • Marcus Sachs
  • Gunter Ollman

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.: brief introduction to the Project - 2020

It's 2020 and we've decided to re-launch and re-surrect the Scene and the Security Industry's most popular Internet destination for Hackers and Security Experts with the help of a New Team Member acting as the primary operator of the project Dancho Danchev. The current state of the project promises a variety of new features including an extremely popular Wordpress blog a high-profile and high-volume Hacking and Security Forum and a flagship VR for Hackers and Security Experts application platform including an upcoming high-profile Live YouTube Broadcast featuring exclusive guests from the Scene and the Security Industry including a variety of related Hacking and Security Projects such as for instance People's Directory and a comprehensive one-page summary of all the currently active U.S Intelligence Community Cyber Surveillance and Eavesdropping Programs and Systems including an online psy-trance and goa-trance online radio a Security Newsletter and a flagship Hacking and Security E-zine "Kings of Wisdom".

Dancho Danchev is the world's leading expert in the field of cybercrime fighting and threat intelligence gathering having actively pioneered his own methodology for processing threat intelligence throughout the past decade following a successful career as a hacker-enthusiast in the 90's leading to active-community participation and contribution as a Member to WarIndustries  List Moderator at BlackCode Ravers  Contributor to Black Sun Research Facility (BSRF) List Moderator Software Contributor (TDS-2 Trojan Information Database) at DiamondCS Trojan Defense  contributor to LockDownCorp  Contributor to HelpNetSecurity  Managing Director of Astalavista Security Group's Astalavista.com - The Underground  a Security Consultant for Frame4 Security Systems  contributor to TechGenix's WindowSecurity.com  security blogger for ZDNet Zero Day  Threat Intelligence Analyst for Webroot  leading to a successful set of hundreds of high-quality anaysis and research articles published at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - ZDNet's Zero Day  Dancho Danchev's Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge and Webroot's Threat Blog with his research featured in Techmeme  ZDNet  CNN  PCWorld  SCMagazine  TheRegister  NYTimes  CNET  ComputerWorld  H+Magazine currently producing threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge.

He's currently on the following Social Media accounts: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Medium - YouTube - Peerlyst

and is currently runnig the following projects - Unit-123.org - a high-profile Intelligence Deliverables E-shop and Offensive-Warfare.com - a high-profile Pro-Western Cyber Security and Hacking Community including the industry's leading Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge blog.

With his research featured at RSA Europe  CyberCamp  InfoSec  GCHQ and Interpol the researcher continues to actively produce threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge publishing a diverse set of hundreds of high-quality research analysis detailing the malicious and fraudulent activities at nation-state and malicious actors across the globe.

.: brief introduction of Astalavista.box.sk

It's 1999 and WebFringe Cyberarmy and Progenic used to rock the boat with yet another newly added h/c/p/a/v Web site further empowering a new generation of novice hackers and potentially training and educating thousands of hacking newbies on their way to become successful hackers while coding hacker programs and actually using them withiout the term script kiddies. With major hacking tool releases including ICQ Flooders Mail Bombers and Trojan Horses continuing to grow - a new generation of hackers and security experts including novice hackers and script kiddies was prone to over-take the modern Security Industry by offering data information and knowledge to further explore and push the bounderies of intellectual exploration in the field of computer and information security. Meanwhile on the other side of the Scene the World's largest and most popular Search Engine for hackers was quickly gaining scale potentially reaching out to tens of thousands of loyal and daily users across the globe serving their Hacking and Security needs by offering and providing the World's first and largest index of Hacking and Security information. Sticking to the original mission of the Scene namely to offer data information and knowledge to thousands of loyal users across the globe Astalavista.box.sk quickly gained fame and scaled to the point where it became the World's first and most popular Search Engine for Hackers and Security Experts. With thousands of users using it and tens of thousands of  Web sites linking back the portal quickly became one of the most highly-visted and high-trafficked Web site on the Internet. Throughout the past decade and since 1994 the portal is publicly known to be serving the needs of an entire generation of Hackers and Security Experts potentially empowering them with the necessary data information and knowledge on stay on the top of their game and to learn and exchange data information and knowledge turning the portal into what it is today one of the Internet's primary destination point for Hackers and Security Experts.

.: brief introduction of the scene and the Security Industry through the prism of Dancho Danchev - 1999-2013

Here you can find a brief description of Dancho Danchev's experience and expertise in the Scene and the Security Industry throughout the past decade.

Sample Brief History of the Scene through the prism of Dancho Danchev's professional and community-driven experience and expertise:

- A Member to WarIndustries (http://warindustries.com
- List Moderator at BlackCode Ravers (http://blackcode.com)
- Contributor Black Sun Research Facility (http://blacksun.box.sk) (BSRF)
- List Moderator Software Contributor (TDS-2 Trojan Information Database) (https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/25533/tlibrary.zip.html) DiamondCS Trojan Defense (http://tds.diamondcs.com.au)
- Contributor to LockDownCorp (http://lockdowncorp.com)
- Contributor to HelpNetSecurity (http://forbidden.net-security.org)
- A Security Consultant for Frame4 Security Systems (http://frame4.com)
- Contributor to TechGenix’s WindowSecurity.com (http://www.windowsecurity.com/authors/dancho-danchev/)
- Technical Collector - LockDownCorp - https://lockdowncorp.com
- Managing Director - Astalavista Security Group - https://astalavista.com
- Security Consultant - Wandera - https://wandera.com
- Threat Intelligence Analyst - GroupSense - https://groupsense.io
- Security Consultant - KCS Group Europe - https://kcsgroup.com
- OSINT Analyst - Treadstone71 - https://treadstone71.com
- Security Blogger - Armadillo Phone - https://armadillophone.com
- Security Blogger for ZDNet (http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/)
- Threat Intelligence Analyst for Webroot (https://www.webroot.com/blog/)

Stay tuned and let's make the Scene happen again and don't forget - "We’re all elite when we tend to rock together. The difference? We rock for ourselves. Our wisdom is our king, and our king is our prevalence. We shall prevail!” – World Hacker Global Domination Group – 2019

Sincerely Yours,

Dancho Danchev - Project Administrator - Web site: https://ddanchev.blogspot.com Email: dancho.danchev@hush.com Voicemail: +1 646 419 4540 Jabber/XMPP/OMEMO: 90184@armadillophone.com Dark Web Onion: http://lkzihepprlhxtvbutjedoazbsqd4avmifhpjms3zuq7itceiu4qajwad.onion/

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