A Brief Introduction to the New Box.sk Project – or Who’s Dancho Danchev?

Can you really describe what does it really take to be on the other side of the Scene? Keep reading.

The time when we used to re-define the Industry and the basics of Threat Intelligence re-positioning and building and actively developing new market segments off-the-shelf on our own. Photo courtesy of Dancho Danchev.

Who’s Dancho Danchev? The original hacker enthusiast during the 90’s known as tHe mAnIaC with direct participation in a variety of Hacker Groups throughout the 90’s including the production and maintenance of several high profile Security Newsletters and security texts is proud to join forces with Team Box.sk the actual owner of the World’s most popular cracks and serials search engine – Astalavista.box.sk and the infamous Newoder.box.sk portal targeting Hackers and Security Professionals.

In the first day of my new initiative to re-definite and re-position the Scene through my latest project with Box.sk I’ll walk you through a never-seen and never-perceived before journey on your way to explore the Scene circa the 90’s which for me was Neworder.box.sk and let’s not forget TextFiles.com.

Where the magic happens. Since the early 90’s. Photo of Dancho Danchev’s Security Lab.

A brief history of my hacker enthusiast experience throughout the 90’s:

  • Early 90’s – WarIndustries
  • Early 90’s – BlackCode Ravers
  • Early 90’s – Black Sun Research Facility
  • 1999 – Forbidden.net-security.org
  • 1999 – DiamondCS
  • 2002 – LockdownCorp
  • 2002 – ITSecurity.com
  • 2002 – HiComm Magazine
  • 2003 – CIO.bg
  • 2004 – Frame4.com
  • 2003 – Astalavista.com

Prior to issuing an Open Letter to the U.S Intelligence Community in terms of the emerging threat intelligence market segment and the actual and ongoing IP (Intellectual Property) theft and compromise of possibly sensitive and classified information for commercial purposes I decide that the time has come to elaborate a little further on my Technical Collection experience as a teenage hacker enthusiast throughout the 90’s. Steve Gibson – are you reading this? It appears that I somehow managed to directly establish a direct connection with the actual author of the infamous Sub7 Trojan Horse back then today’s supposedly modern RATs (Remote Access Tools) namely HeLLfiReZ with whom I’ve exchanged a massive archive of never-released and published before archive of trojan horses circa the 90’s and later on landed a career position as Technical Collector of trojan horses at the market-leading anti-trojans vendor at the time Trojan Defense Suite including a second career as a Help Guide Compilation author and Technical Collector at LockDownCorp’s Lockdown2000 anti-trojans vendor.

Sample Screenshot of Trojan Defense Suite’s Trojan Information Database courtesy of Dancho Danchev

Times were different at the time and spending more time hanging on DALNet was a daily routine in between trying to actually pose as a beautiful women while trying to trick home and bi-sexual users on #gay and #lesbians into accepting my “latest screensaver” which at the time was basically exploiting a common flow in the mIRC client portraying the actual executable as a .jpeg image while in fact I only had to change the executable’s icon to an image file and rename it making it easier for users to think that this was a photo or an actual executable of a self-installing screensaver.

Among my primary choices for actually doing the so called “lawful interception” at the time that also included monitoring but not necessarily taking actions against friends was Netsphere which was a fairly easy to use trojan horse allowing me to actually take a screenshot of a friend’s Internet-connected computer and take a closer look at what they were doing.

Personal Photo of Dancho Danchev circa 2019

As time went by I’ve since then established the foundation for a pretty successful career in the field of cybercrime research and threat intelligence gathering and actually made it with my old Twitter handle @danchodanchev into a Top Secret GCHQ Cyber Surveillance Program called “Lovely Horse” that basically tracks and potentially issues legal surveillance and eavesdropping warrants for high-profile hackers and security researchers on Twitter including an actual invitation

My Online Presence in 2020 Includes:

Sample Social Network Graph of the Warez Scene Circa 2019 on IRC courtesy of Dancho Danchev
Sample Social Network Graph of the Warez Scene Circa 2019 on IRC courtesy of Dancho Danchev
Sample Social Network Graph of the Warez Scene Circa 2019 on IRC courtesy of Dancho Danchev
Sample Social Network Graph of the Warez Scene Circa 2019 on IRC courtesy of Dancho Danchev

Recommended Hacking/Security/Privacy Links in 2020 Include:

Key Box.sk Project Goals Include:

  • Official Release of the First Issue of the “Wisdom Kings” E-Zine – should be released by the end of the Week
  • Official Launch of a Premium and Flagship Security and Hacking Box.sk Forum Community – scheduled for launch on 10th Friday, 2020

Yours sincerely,

Dancho Danchev

Email: dancho.danchev@hush.com


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Dancho Danchev is the world's leading expert in the field of cybercrime fighting and threat intelligence gathering having actively pioneered his own methodlogy for processing threat intelligence leading to a successful set of hundreas of high-quality anaysis and research articles published at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - ZDNet's Zero Day, Dancho Danchev's Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge and Webroot's Threat Blog with his research featured in Techmeme, ZDNet, CNN, PCWorld, SCMagazine, TheRegister, NYTimes, CNET, ComputerWorld, H+Magazine currently producing threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge. With his research featured at RSA Europe, CyberCamp, InfoSec, GCHQ and Interpol the researcher continues to actively produce threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge publishing a diverse set of hundreds of high-quality research analysis detailing the malicious and fraudulent activities at nation-state and malicious actors across the globe.

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