Introducing’s Flagship “Data Paradise” Old-School KGB-Style Dial-In Intranet

Have you ever wanted to exchange private and potentially sensitive and classified information in a secure and internationally dispersed fashion? Do you have a lot of experience producing sensitive or potentially classified Intelligence Deliverables including manuals E-books or actual guides including to actually offer practical advice and potentially communicate your knowledge and expertise to a wider invite-only proprietary U.S Intelligence Community audience?

We’re proud to let you know of the general availability of an internationally dispersed proprietary old-school KGB-style dial-in Intranet where users can ultimately exchange propriety and sensitive potentially classified information using secure dial-in access code modems potentially exchanging classified and sensitive information with a wider audience and potentially reaching out and communicating their technical and operational “know-how” to a wider audience.

Among the current sensitive and classified E-books and manuals that are currently available to users of’s “Data Paradise” include:

  • “Becoming a Cyber Warrior”
  • “The Scene – A Brief History of the Cyber Underground”
  • “Calling Home – Or When the ECHELON Station Talks Back”
  • “Nuclear Cyber War”
  • “Exposing KGB Agents”
  • “Building a Cyber Warfare Empire”
  • “Basic Clandestine Cyber Operations in Cyberspace”
  • “How to Track Down Cyber Spies”

The’s flagship “Data Paradise” project relies on secure dial-in modems including secure one-time only passphrases and dial-in modem passwords distributed among its users in a secure fashion which are exchanged upon approaching the project owner and coordinator – Dancho Danchev at seeking dial-in access codes where users can also make a proper introduction in terms of joining the project.

Stay tuned!


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Dancho Danchev is the world's leading expert in the field of cybercrime fighting and threat intelligence gathering having actively pioneered his own methodlogy for processing threat intelligence leading to a successful set of hundreas of high-quality anaysis and research articles published at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - ZDNet's Zero Day, Dancho Danchev's Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge and Webroot's Threat Blog with his research featured in Techmeme, ZDNet, CNN, PCWorld, SCMagazine, TheRegister, NYTimes, CNET, ComputerWorld, H+Magazine currently producing threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge. With his research featured at RSA Europe, CyberCamp, InfoSec, GCHQ and Interpol the researcher continues to actively produce threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge publishing a diverse set of hundreds of high-quality research analysis detailing the malicious and fraudulent activities at nation-state and malicious actors across the globe.

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