Modularity, Monocultural Insecurities and the Establishment of a NSA culture in the cybercrime world – Keep it coming?

It should be clearly noted that we live in an inter-connected World where users globally can easily and systematically fall victim to widespread or targeted cyber attack campaigns basically utilizing a monocultural type of OS (Operating System) culture where both interoperability and widespread adoptability could easily result in widespread havoc and damage cause by malicious both foreign and domestic attackers including possibly widespread mass surveillance and CNE (Computer Network Exploitation) attack campaigns launched by malicious adversaries including nation-state actors.

In this article I’ll discuss how widespread and widely adopted operating systems could easily result in widespread monocultural insecurities posed by malicious or foreign attackers including misconfigured or improperly secured Internet-connected hosts and PCs which the bad guys could easily exploit and take advantage of possibly launching yet another widespread botnet or widespread modular type of malicious software which could greatly impact millions of users globally with the bad guys actually using both bulletproof hosting infrastructure providers including the actual use of legitimate infrastructure for C&C communication purposes.

Proprietary and closed OSs (Operating Systems) have always been the thing for closed OPSEC groups including military defense contractors and Intelligence Agencies making it exclusively difficult for the bad guys to map and do reconnaissance including to actually launch specific OS-level type of vulnerability and exploitation campaigns given that they don’t have access to the actual OS including it’s source code for research including possible vulnerability and exploit development process. In today’s reality the bad guys are actively exploiting a variety of monicultural vulnerabilities and exploitation mechanisms in today’s interconnected and widely adopted operating systems for the purpose of establishing the foundations of an extremely profitable and sophisticated malicious software coding and release scene where the bad guys actively making millions in the process of launching malicious and fraudulent online campaigns spreading malware phishing and spam campaigns on a daily basis.

Even the bad guys despite their reliance on anti-fingerprinting browsers and techniques including off the shelf privacy oriented operating systems continue to release cross-platform and modular malware releases and actually use these platforms including C&C infrastructure which could easily fall victim to various industry academic sector of nation-state actor looking for ways to map and fingerprint the infrastructure and actually compromise it leading to potential OPSEC violations for the bad guys who from another perspective are prone to get caught sooner or later due to their ability and tactics and techniques to seek to new clients and customers and actually attempt to cash out.

This overall reliance on monocultural-based software and operating systems that are actually considered as a widespread operating system that’s actually getting used for critical infrastructure applications can also lead to widespread exploitation and vulnerability exploitation attempts which can be used by both the bad guys and the good guys in particular for mass and widespread CNE (Computer Network Exploitation) including mass surveillance campaigns by the direct establishment of a NSA culture in the operating system world.

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